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Wix Payment Processing With Bankful Integration

As a leading cloud-based website builder, Wix offers its services to more than 200 million users worldwide. It offers an intuitive drag and drop site builder in order to build small websites. They offer a free plan in order to test different templates and a premium plan to use a custom domain and add a free SSL certificate.

Building Your Online Store With Wix e-Commerce 

Wix offers features starting at only $23 per month on their e-Commerce plan. With this plan, there are no limits on the number of products you can sell. There is also abandoned cart recovery for users. You can also take online orders, sell tickets to events, accept bookings, all without having to pay for an additional premium service. 

Bankful Now Integrates With Wix

Wix site owners that do sell regulated products such as legal CBD oils, headshop items like pipes and glassware, vape e-juice, etc., will soon discover that they need to find an alternative payment gateway to process their payments. 

Why? The Wix shopping cart has credit card processing integration limitations and Wix Payments does have a list of prohibited items that cannot be sold using Wix payments like illicit drugs, pyramid schemes, etc. 

There are numerous legal products and services that are listed under Wix Payments’ Restricted and Prohibited Products and Services. These products are known to attract fraud or are highly regulated.

More often these legal business types are routinely shut down by Wix Payments and without warning. Wix Payments simply is not equipped to handle the complexities of the high risk market landscape. 

The solution? Enter Bankful. 

Bankful is a licensed, third-party payment provider that has a proprietary payment gateway. The Bankful gateway is an “agnostic” platform that has been created to cater to the unique needs of merchants in industries that are considered highly regulated or “high-risk” by traditional payment service providers. 

On July 9, 2020, Bankful announced its integration with one of the largest e-Commerce platforms, Wix. This partnership allows US-based CBD merchants to process their payments on Wix’s high-quality website building platform.  Having an agnostic platform means that Bankful is compatible and customizable to the Wix platform. 

This partnership is a welcomed one as the Bankful technology is now the connection between the merchant’s capability to create beautifully designed websites and facilitating the collection of payments. 

Bankful has a simple, one-click integration into Wix’s platform that enables merchants from across all high-risk industries to enable the processing of payments with excellent functionality. 

How Does It Work?

In order to connect Bankful as a payment provider on your Wix e-Commerce site, follow these steps:

1. On your site’s dashboard, go to “Accept Payments”. (Make sure that your business location is correct, if it’s not, click the drop-down menu to change it.)

2. Click on “See More Payment Options”.

3. Click on “See Options”, (this is beside Third-Party Credit / Debit Card Providers.)

4. Click on “Connect” beside Bankful 

5. Follow these instructions depending whether or not you already have an account with Bankful:

  • Have an account 

1. Enter Username and Password

2. Click “Connect My Account”

  • Don’t have an account:

1. Click “Create new account”

2. Click “Sign up” (on the Bankful site)

3. Fill in the registration form. Then click “Continue”

4. An email will be sent by Bankful with your credentials.

5. Go back to the “Accept Payments” tab and repeat steps 1 to 3, then follow the steps under “Have an account” to connect your account. 

And That’s It!

Thanks to Bankful, high risk merchants no longer have to worry about taking advantage of the wealth of features offered by Wix, only to be shut down due to the nature of their business. 

The strategic partnership between Bankful and Wix makes it easy to run your high-risk business efficiently and stress-free.

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