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Elevate your customer experience

Elevate your customer experience

Unlike emails, text messages are almost always read by the receiver. By targeting your customers in the communication medium that they are most comfortable with means they can pay their invoices faster and without friction. SMS Invoicing provides your customers with the modern payment experience they’ve come to appreciate and expect.

Keep your billing on brand

Project professionalism by customizing the look and feel of your invoices with your company name and logo. See that your customers receive invoices in their email inbox and via text message; and select the currency you want to get paid in.

A powerful payment solution

The majority of consumers (95%) read incoming text messages within three minutes, which makes SMS Invoicing the fastest way to pay and get paid. In other words, when you want to send out content that requires a fast turnaround, texting is the way to go.

Streamline your accounts receivable

Keep your billing in check by streamlining your payment processes. Minimize busywork and cut back on wasted resources associated with getting paid. No more paper, no more postage, no more hassle.

SMS Invoicing is available to every Bankful merchant.

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