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Pinwheel is Now Bankful

Pinwheel, a leading provider of banking services for underbanked small businesses around the world, has rebranded to Bankful.

Bankful will continue to provide merchant services to many underserved industries and will expand to offer new payment solutions to the underbanked.

What New Services Will Bankful Provide?

Moving to a Web3 platform will enable businesses to accept more forms of payment than ever before. This can range from crypto to Apple Pay to eCheck and many more.  

Bankfull will also allow merchants to accept cryptocurrencies as a valid form of payment

A challenge for many merchants on Wix or Shopify is the lack of comprehensive subscription billing features. Bankful has recently launched enhanced subscription billing to enable merchants to easily set up and offer recurring subscriptions to their customers. 

Grow with Bankful

Bankful is a worldwide company with offices in the United States and the UK. Whether you are launching a new business or looking to improve the ecommerce experience for your customers, Bankful is your go-to solution.

Contact us today to get started.

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