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Senate Pushes Forward on Cannabis Legislation

From Prohibition to Progress: Senate Pushes Forward on Cannabis Legislation

In a monumental stride toward cannabis reform, the United States Senate has recently witnessed historic advancements in legislation surrounding legal marijuana businesses. Two key bills have emerged, each carrying significant implications for the future of the cannabis industry and its integration into mainstream economic and legal frameworks. The Secure and… 

Pinwheel is Now Bankful

Pinwheel, a leading provider of banking services for underbanked small businesses around the world, has rebranded to Bankful. Bankful will continue to provide merchant services to many underserved industries and will expand to offer new payment solutions to the underbanked. What New Services Will Bankful Provide? Moving to a Web3… 

How To Spot Common Cyber Scams

Avast, a global leader in privacy and digital security, offered its insights into the most prevalent cyberattacks that rocked 2021. With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, cybercriminals continued to use this event to take advantage of consumers’ vulnerabilities, especially during the lockdown. Both cryptocurrency malware and ransomware were rampant.…