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How Do I Get A Bitcoin Payment Gateway?

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If you are a crypto maniac, the bitcoin payment gateway should be a common term because it’s a channel that allows you to transact in bitcoin.  

Here is a breakdown of how to get a bitcoin payment gateway for your business.

What Is A Bitcoin Gateway Payment?

A Bitcoin Gateway Payment is a settlement channel that allows simple and direct transfer of funds through ATM cards, lender transfers, and credit cards. This payment system facilitates fast and safe transactions on different websites.

As an eCommerce business owner, you can start by joining a bitcoin payment processor with your store’s website. Integrating Bitcoin Gateway Payments with your eCommerce site is simple if your platform has an existing integration.

How Do I Get A Bitcoin Payment Gateway?

Marketing is about targeting people with the right product at the right time. If most of your clients engage with crypto, why not make it part of your business? 

Accepting Bitcoin on your site gives you a brand identity in people’s eyes, showing that you are innovative and ready to embrace new technology.

What You Need To Accept Bitcoin Gateway Payment

Golden bitcoin next to credit card to symbolize using bitcoin as a payment method with a bitcoin payment gateway

Crypto is designed for the current generation, so setting up and accepting Bitcoin on your site is simple. Here are a few basics you should understand to decide on the best ways to accept crypto payments on your site.

  1. The Basics

It will help if you have a wallet to hold crypto. This wallet is similar to what you have on your iPhone but specific to crypto.

The crypto wallet allows you to trade and hold numerous types of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Tender, and Ethereum. The providers give you a special private key to keep your currency secure and accessible and link with other apps for seamless transactions.

When a client buys a product from your site using crypto, the money will filter into your wallet, and you freely exchange it with any currency.

  1. Good Communication

As with anything else, good communication is key when introducing a new payment method. If you are going to take a bold step like accepting Bitcoin Gateway Payment on your website, explain its value to your audience.

It’s also a fantastic opportunity to showcase your brand. Ensure your clients know of new changes and show how they benefit them.

Good communication will make people start paying you in crypto and foster great brand loyalty.

  1. Platforms And Integration

How you integrate Bitcoin Gateway Payment depends on the platform hosting your site. Major platforms have different plugins that you can use for a quick setup.

Most Bitcoin payment tools provide alternatives like custom integration, payment buttons, and invoices if you need help finding the correct plugin for your site.

Different sites require different solutions. However, the majority of the plugins do a fantastic job.

Crypto was designed to make financial transactions between two people without involving a middleman. This allows you to invite clients to contact you for Bitcoin Gateway Payment options.

Reasons To Accept Bitcoin Payments

  • When processing credit card fees, Bitcoin Gateway Payment saves you money.
  • It also allows you to interact with foreign clients, increasing your sales and profits.
  • There are zero risks of dispute or chargebacks.

What To Look For In A Crypto Payment Processor

Golden bitcoins to symbolize using a crypto payment gateway to accept bitcoin as a payment

When accepting Bitcoin Gateway Payment on your site, you need maximum value for your business and clients. With the diverse crypto payment processors to select from, it’s essential to examine your options to ensure you get the best deal.

Here is what to look for when selecting your payment processors.

  1. Transaction Fees

How much is the payment processor charging you per transaction? Bitcoin Gateway Payment is relatively low compared to traditional payment fees, but you may want to get the right deal.

  1. Payout Frequency

Is it important for money to come in quickly in your business? If yes, you need to consider the payout frequency. Some payment processors pay out daily, while others take up to five days to process your payment.

For companies that require faster business funds, ACH payments are suitable.

  1. Supported Countries

When it comes to politics, crypto is a delicate matter. We have recently seen China’s crypto ban, so not all nations openly support using cryptocurrency.

With the various global rules, selecting payment processors that support the nations where you do business is important.

  1. Customer Support

When talking about tech, you must consider customer support. If you encounter challenges with setup or services go down, you need to speak with someone immediately.

Ensure you have all the necessary support when you choose a crypto payment processor.

  1. Security

Security for your business and customers is always important. Choose a crypto payment processor that takes security seriously and is up to date with site maintenance.

Ensure you install all new updates and make frequent encrypted backups to your crypto wallet.


Golden bitcoin sitting on top of other golden bitcoins for security of crypto payment processor

Are Crypto Payment Gateways Safe?

Before choosing a crypto payment gateway, you must conduct due diligence to understand how service providers store cryptos and fiat payments. Consider checking if the platform has a history of scams and hacks and how quickly they solved it to prevent future misfortunes.

It will help if you verify each candidate’s reputation when looking for crypto payment gateways. You can achieve this by going to specialized site reviews, reading what other merchants say about their interactions with different providers, and choosing wisely.

Are Banks Crypto-Friendly?

  • In the digital asset realm, cryptocurrency is a widely used currency with adoption by over 300 million individuals. Although some traditional banks are still wary about cryptos, most have opened doors for their clients to utilize this digital currency.
  • Crypto-friendly banks globally accept cryptocurrency as a broker of monetary trade and give access to low transaction fees. Such banks give you credit and debit cards that you can use to buy and sell crypto.
  • So yes, some banks are crypto-friendly. They help you to complete wire transfers to crypto exchanges and help you cashout funds.
  • Bitcoin Gateway Payments integrate your cryptocurrency investment with your favorite bank and cash your money whenever you like.


Integrating your eCommerce site with Bitcoin Gateway Payments is a big step towards creating a successful business plan. For the setup process to be quick and simple, understand the things you need to get started, including the basics, good communication, platforms, and integration.

Elevate your business to the next level by choosing reliable Bitcoin Gateway Payments that keep you coming for your products.

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