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Bitcoin Payment Integration

Lots of businesses worldwide have already chosen Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment method. It really opens up new doors for merchants. This article will tell you about a Bitcoin payment gateway and its integration so that businesses can keep up with the times.

Cryptocurrency Payments

Such gateway enables merchants to accept Bitcoin payments. Today, you can find so many payment processing companies offering services to make the buying and selling of digital money simpler.

Bitcoin processors allow customers to buy goods/services for digital currencies. Processors work on offering a straightforward process and services that you can use without headaches. These services are based on Blockchain technology designed for making extremely encrypted payments offering a higher level of security as compared to traditional online payment gateways and without higher costs.

BTC payments come with more than one benefit:

  • Safety and security
  • Cheapest fees
  • The BTC network runs payments anonymously
  • No limitations and boundaries

Integrating a Gateway for Bitcoin Payments 

Bitcoin gateways can be integrated in more than one way. Some merchants opt for 3rd party Bitcoin gateway APIs, and others develop software tailored to their own needs. When searching for a payment processing services provider to integrate a payment gateway, make sure to work with a reliable, licensed one dedicated to offering secure and innovative solutions. 

Be aware that cryptos can be accepted in 2 ways via a gateway. First, you can open a Bitcoin wallet for accepting BTC transactions coming from a processor’s address. Second, you can get fiat currencies that a gateway can convert from Bitcoins right off the bat. 

The contract you’re going to sign when turning to a gateway provider is a smart one and has to do with all the aspects of the process, starting from verification between the due parties. Consider working with a reputable Bitcoin payment gateway provider like Bankful. 

Bankful is committed to offering an unmatched experience to merchants by providing you with the most advanced technology allowing you to manage Global Payments across a single platform. Thanks to Bankful technology, you can enjoy a simple transaction process and frictionless fraud prevention services, as well as boost your sales with the help of automation features, workflows, and reporting.

Moreover, Bankful offers integration with almost all big payment providers and an ability to accept the majority of famous payment types. So, with Bankful, you can enjoy:

  • Excellent fraud prevention
  • The highest level of data security
  • The most competitive rates
  • Integrations
  • A global network
  • The latest technology 
  • Solutions experts

Serving as an innovator in payments, Bankful pays special attention to multi-currency processing and online payments. Moreover, Bankful provides merchants with solutions and tools that can help you run your business effectively within your industry.

In addition, Bankful aims to service a wide variety of merchants and deliver exemplary services, custom-built technologies that boast the highest level of reliability and security. Bankful enables merchants to enjoy exceptional effectiveness and efficiency when running a business.

So, the cryptocurrency market is on the rise. This is a competitive market where traders can make a lot of money. If you’re interested in crypto money processing, such as Bitcoin transactions, you need to find a respectable cryptocurrency payment gateway provider that can help you with advanced, low cost, safe and secure payment processing solutions that aren’t difficult to use. 

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