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Using Square to Process Card Transactions

Square is one of the leading mobile credit card processing providers and merchant services. The company offers its customers an easy, affordable way to accept credit cards with a simple device that plugs into your computer or printer, allowing you to accept payments on the go.

You need to take a few steps before you can start processing credit cards through Square.

Steps to Get Started With Square

Step 1: Download the App

You’ll need to download the Square app on your phone or tablet and set it up with your bank account information and other relevant details before you can start accepting credit card payments from customers.

Step 2: Set Up Your Account Information

The first step in using Square for credit card transactions is setting up your account information. You’ll need to provide your personal information and payment information for each customer who wants to pay you by credit card. 

You can also set up an account so that recurring payments will be automatically charged or deducted from an existing bank account.

Step 3: Register Your Card Reader

You also need to register the hardware device that’s used when processing payments through Square’s mobile app platform. This includes connecting the device to your account, verifying your business information, and setting up your rate card.

To register your card reader, log into your account at You’ll see a drop-down menu that allows you to connect your credit card reader via Bluetooth or USB cable. You can use an Apple Lightning-to-USB cable for iPhones and iPods, but other cables may also work, depending on your device’s model.

Step 4: Set Up a Merchant Account

After registering your hardware reader, you can set up a merchant account with Square. This includes creating a bank account for deposits and receiving payments from customers. You can also set up an online store or start accepting cash payments at your location.

Step 5: Set Up Payment Processing Systems

Once you have an account with Square, it’s time for you to set up payment processing systems on your website or application.

 The first option is to accept credit cards via Stripe or PayPal, which is an easy process if you have an established website already built or are planning on building one soon. 

If you’re on Shopify, you can do a Square Shopify integration and still collect credit card payments.

What Now?

Well, with everything ready, you can test your new way of collecting credit card payments and swing into action once the first transaction is successful.

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