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The Checklist to Create an Android App

If you choose to develop a mobile app for your brand, it’s essential to learn the dos and don’ts to attract as much traffic. Ignore this and wind up with other poorly created apps that customers ignore or download and hardly ever use.

With an impressive 85 percent of mobile-device users owning android gadgets, you definitely want to include your brand’s app in the Play Store’s diverse list of 3 million.  

But how do you get more people to download and use your app? Are there any key features to stress when creating your brand’s mobile app ?

Regardless of your industry, an app engagement is an excellent way to keep your audience on their toes. Apps go with your clients wherever they go and can have numerous benefits to your brand. Some pros include;

    • It’s a vital marketing tool to help you launch offers and attract new traffic through referrals 
    • With people spending 2-3 hours a day on phone, Apps can help boost brand presence 
  • Apps also drive brand loyalty
  • A user-friendly application increases access to your business 
  • Lastly, it can improve access to customer support services 

With all these benefits to reap, you want to spend quality time developing an intuitive and useful app.

The Qualities of A Well-Developed App

Intuitive user Interface

Your app’s interface impacts customer experience directly determining its success. Its design must be intuitive and customer-friendly.

Easy navigation, proper arrangement of vital features, and color palette are some crucial interface components to consider. 

An impressive user interface invites more downloads and usage.

Commercial features

Considering the far-reaching benefits of mobile apps, it’s paramount to include all the commercial features to attract prospects, drive sales and encourage repeat purchases.

Apps streamline the customer experience by offering better access to your business. However, it must include some crucial capabilities to appeal to your audience and drive business.

Hassle-free Registration and Sign-in Procedures: 

Users will likely abandon the idea of registering if it’s complicated or lasts too long. Instead of a complex process, consider using easy onboarding methods through email or phone numbers. 

Sign-in must also be hassle-free. Allow users to have easy access to their accounts without risking their security.

Customer Feedback

An App is not only a way to market offers and sell to your audience. It also serves as a useful feedback collection platform for companies.

This feedback is useful in learning your strengths and weaknesses, as well as understanding customer feelings.

Multilingual capabilities 

Depending on your audience, you may need to include multi-language abilities into your app. This increases access to more and more users expanding your global reach. 

Loading Speed

Slow-loading apps are time-wasting and annoying. Most users download apps to dodge wait times so you want to create a fast-loading mobile app.

Final Words

The above features matter to your company’s mobile app, but that’s not all, two other important features include offline usage alternatives for when clients aren’t connected to the internet and payment integration to simplify checkout.

Refer to this checklist when developing a new app for your brand.

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