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The Best WordPress Plugins for Membership Subscriptions

There are many benefits for online businesses to launch a membership site. The most important and game-changing decision to start a membership site is the recurring income. 

The most important element needed to transform a WordPress site into the ultimate membership site is a WordPress plugin. These plugins are what will enable the business to house subscription content, digital downloads, courses, and so much more.

Here are 13 of the best WordPress Plugins:

  • Restrict Content Pro

As a part of iThemes, this plugin allows the creation of free, trial, and premium memberships. Customers have the option of upgrading or downgrading between those levels at any time. Plans start off at $99 per year. 

  • MemberPress

This plugin allows you to create, manage, monitor membership subscriptions, and sell digital downloads.  You can grant or cancel access to pages, videos, communities, digital files, and more. It also offers content dripping. Plans start at $179 per year. 

  • MemberMouse

Products or subscriptions can be sold with flexible payment options and billing profiles. It also offers password-protecting pages in order to release premium content, videos, PDFs, software, and much more. Plans begin at $29 per month. 

  • Wishlist Member

The plugin allows the user to manage files, posts, and pages with member-only content. Various membership levels can be established such as free, premium, or pay-per-post. Integration is available with 2CheckOut, Authorize.Net, PayPal, WooCommerce, Stripe, and ClickBank. Plans start at $147 per year. 

  • s2Member

With this plugin, you are able to sell access to certain pages, posts, or file downloads. Content is secured and customers have access to a secure checkout experience. The Basic version is free of charge. The Premium versions start at $89.

  • Magic Members

Magic Members is considered a premium WordPress membership plugin. Users can control how long memberships remain valid. There are unlimited billing options. A drip-feed feature is included. Delays can be created before members are able to see certain content. The price starts at $97.

  • Fast Member

Fast Member allows you to sell courses, downloads, subscriptions, and memberships through WordPress. Other features include single payment products, drip-fed training programs, and recurring membership portals. Plans start at $29 per month. 

  • Memberium

This plugin converts any WordPress theme into an enhanced, automated membership site. Users can sell an unlimited number of memberships, courses, or digital products to an unlimited number of buyers. Free, trial or paid membership levels are available. Plans start at $57 per month. 

  • aMember Professional

This WordPress plugin manages memberships, accepts subscription payments, delivers digital content, manages customer profiles, sends opt-in newsletters, runs affiliate programs, and integrates with the current content management system. The price is $149.36.

  • WP-Members

This plugin turns your WordPress site into a membership-driven site for private posts, newsletters, and premium content. Seamlessly integrates with BuddyPress, WooCommerce,and more. The basic version is free. The Advanced options extension is $47.

  • Paid Member Subscriptions

Users are able to create and manage “hierarchical” member subscriptions, give and cancel access to pages, categories, and posts. Subscriptions can be set up to include a free trial as well as a sign-up fee. The price starts at €69.

  • Wishlist Member

Wishlist Member allows you to manage files, posts, and pages with member-only content. You can create different membership levels like free, premium or pay-per-post. Plans start at $147 per year.

  • WooCommerce Memberships

With this plugin, you are able to sell memberships after product purchases, integrate member perks within your online store, and assign memberships manually. You are also able to drip content and restrict product purchasing. The price is $199 per year. 

Choose Wisely

Setting up a plugin takes a considerable amount of time and labor. Choose erroneously and it could cost you a significant amount of time and money. Seek a plugin that offers plenty of flexibility and features all at a reasonable price. 

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