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Selling CBD On Shopify

Wondering if you can sell CBD on Shopify? Wonder no more. Before we dive in with the answer, as a merchant, you must know that selling CBD or any hemp-derived products carries a vast array of risks.

Understanding The Laws Around CBD

A huge issue that must be addressed is how the merchant markets and advertises its CBD products. If a merchant fails to follow the specific rules and regulations, the merchant can face significant penalties. 

The cannabis plant has been classified as a Schedule I narcotic. That has ultimately resulted in the government only legalizing the sale of hemp-derived CBD products online. If they are extracted from marijuana, they are officially considered illegal. 

All products that are hemp-derived CBD, which includes food, drugs, or cosmetics that are sold and marketed, must be marketed and labeled according to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act). 

There are some states that prohibit not only the sale but also the consumption of CBD. Still, there are other states that place a limit on the type of CBD products sold within their state lines. If they do allow it, it requires a specific license. 

If you plan to sell or already sell CBD products, you must ensure that you have the proper setup to guarantee your compliance with every state’s CBD laws. 

Can CBD Products Be Sold On Shopify?

If all of the legal complexities have not deterred your resolve to sell CBD, then read on. But before we begin, it would not hurt to seek legal counsel, just to keep your bases covered. Also, do take the time to familiarize yourself with all of the federal and state regulations about the specific product that you plan to sell. 

So, can you sell CBD products on Shopify? The answer is a resounding yes. However, you must first get equally familiar with its Shopify CBD policy. If any of these policies are violated, do know that your merchant account can be canceled. 

To actually process credit card payments online, you will need a payment gateway and merchant account solution in order to successfully operate your Shopify CBD business.

Since Shopify does not allow cannabis-infused products, its default payment processor, Shopify Payments is not an option. Shopify Payments is powered by Stripe, which does not accept sales of CBD. But there is a wide range of options available that are more flexible with these types of policies. 

Enter Bankful

Bankful is a Payments Service Provider (PSP) that knows the ins and outs of the CBD industry. Specializing in a wide range of high-risk verticals, Bankful seeks to help high-risk merchants excel in their industries. 

The Bankful gateway offers easy and seamless integration with Shopify and is available for Shopify merchants based in North America and around the world. It offers advanced features such as multi-currency conversion, 3D Secure, and intelligent transaction routing. With only a few clicks, merchants can integrate with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify.

Get Started Today

Bankful is ready to support your CBD business journey with robust solutions and up-to-the-minute updates on the evolving CBD legal landscape. Simply fill out one of their online applications on their website. A representative will get back to you after one business day. 

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