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Integrate With Shopify: Shop Pay for Facebook & Instagram

eCommerce merchants running a Facebook or Instagram shop can integrate with Shopify and offer Shop Pay to their customers on the internet. This way, the conversion rate is estimated to increase by 1.72x. This article is about Shop Pay and its benefits, as well as an innovator in payments that can help you with exceptional merchant processing services.

How to Integrate With Shopify

Shopify now enables businesses on Facebook and Instagram to offer its payment tool Shop Pay as a payment method. Thanks to Shop Pay, the checkout is estimated to be 70% speedier as compared to a traditional checkout experience. This means, you can increase your sales and decrease your cart abandonment rate. 

Let’s see how you can enable Shop Pay:

  • Open your Shopify admin and go to Settings > Payments 
  • Click Manage in the Shopify Payments section
  • Choose Shop Pay in the Accelerated Checkouts section
  • Click Save

And that’s it!

The need to use exceptional payment processing services is now more present than ever. That’s where reputable payment experts like Bankful can help. Bankful offers a unique experience to merchants by enabling you to use the bleeding-edge technology in the industry that allows for managing Global Payments on a single platform. 

Bankful technology helps you enjoy a hassle-free transaction process, avoid fraud via prevention techniques without any friction and increase sales via automation. No matter you need advice concerning how to integrate Shopify or choose reliable merchant services for your eCommerce business, Bankful is the company to work with.

How Shop Pay Can Help You

If you’re selling on Instagram or Facebook, your customers can now pay you via Shop Pay.  It pre-populates buyers’ details and enables them to enjoy an extremely efficient and safe option to make a payment for purchases from your online store.  

Let’s see what benefits Shop Pay provides: 

  • Increases the efficiency, speed and safety of transactions
  • Allows you to track and manage your orders more conveniently 
  • Offsets 100% of the delivery emissions per order
  • One-click payments with encryption 
  • 70% speedier checkout process
  • Eliminates the need to fill out lots of forms

To sum up, Shopify integration with your Facebook and Instagram Shops now enables customers to have Shop Pay as a payment choice. With Shop Pay integration, you can offer your customers a more reliable, convenient, faster and more secure payment tool.

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