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Five Benefits Of Choosing A CRM With Payment Integration

A Customer Relationship Management system or CRM is a technology that is used to take care of all your business’s interactions with customers as well as potential customers. It helps companies maintain a connection with its customers, all the while simplifying processes, and enhancing profitability.

The ultimate goal of the CRM is to foster positive relationships with individual people such as: customers, “service users”, suppliers, and colleagues. It also assists with securing new customers and providing the necessary support and other services throughout the customer relationship. 

To continue to make the payment process easier for both the business and its customers, payment integrations are vital.

Why Choose A CRM With Payment Integration?

Without question, a CRM system produces the results that companies need to grow and greatly improve their bottom line. They have been known to increase lead conversions, sales, improve customer decision-making, and overall customer satisfaction. Here are more reasons why choosing a CRM system with a payment integration is a key business decision:

  • Close Sales Faster: The CRM system makes the entire sales process quicker and more efficient. A sales professional does not need to look further than the CRM system to locate all vital information about the prospect and every interaction they have had with your business. As they approach the closing of the sale, the sales professional simply sends a payment request via the CRM system. If on the call, they can take a credit card and ACH payment instantly. No sale is lost as payment is taken right away.
  • Customer Convenience: Although invoices can be sent through the CRM system, the downside is that most invoices may sit 20-30 days without payment. This is completely unnecessary as credit card information may be taken during a sales call. Today’s customers want hassle-free shopping and want to be able to give you a payment immediately. If this feature is not available, you stand to lose customers. 
  • Security: A good-reputable CRM comes equipped with an extra layer of security features that ensure you and your customers are safe. It also completely eliminates the possibility of human error. When you connect CRMs and payment gateways, you eradicate one more hindrance and decrease the chances for fraud and payment mistakes. 
  • All Your Data In One Spot: The essential feature of having a CRM system is that you have all your accounts’ information in one location. When you open up their profile, you get to see who they are, the date of the first call, what products or services they were interested in, and so much more. When you integrate a payment system within your CRM, you get to see the payment history for all your accounts. This information is vital data to make strategic business decisions.
  • Cut Down On The Services You Use: Just getting paid can be a long, convoluted process. You have to implement different payment processors and platforms that ensure your customers can pay you efficiently. However, if you integrate all these systems into your CRM, the less you have to pay for each system separately. This means you save money and time as you don’t have to fiddle around with setting up payment systems. Another plus is that if you implement a CRM that already comes equipped with these integrations, they don’t cost you a penny more. And, if you are already using a quality CRM solution, you can transfer your data to a “new payment-integrated CRM” with no problem at all.

Everyone Wins

As mentioned above, the use of a CRM system delivers a host of perks and benefits for both you and your customers. Your sales team will be more focused on closing their sales and customers will be able to pay you instantly and without any complications.

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