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BitPay Integration With Apple Pay: Rise of Crypto Spending

BitPay, which is the biggest provider of cryptocurrency-payment services in the world, has recently announced BitPay integration with Apple Pay. This is another step towards making crypto-spending mainstream. This article will tell you more about the new integration and help you with unique merchant-processing services. 

BitPay Announced Apple Pay Integration

BitPay users can now add their BitPay PrePaid MasterCard to the Apple Wallet and make purchases with the help of Apple Pay. This new integration allows for making day-to-day purchases both online, in-store and in apps, as well as store crypto through the BitPay Wallet app.

Customers with a BitPay MasterCard can immediately convert cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Ethereuminto, etc. into fiat currency and have them loaded onto the card. It’s possible to spend the assets anywhere MasterCard Debit works.  

Those who haven’t received their plastic card yet can add the virtual one to Apple Pay with the help of the BitPay Wallet and make payments right off the bat.  By the way, this integration isn’t the only new offering: the provider has also decided to offer Google Pay and Samsung Pay support to its customers.

Cryptocurrencies on the Rise: BitPay Integration

BitPay works on offering new global blockchain solutions to its customers to help them pay with cryptocurrencies faster, with less hassle and more securely. According to Stephen Pair, CEO at BitPay, thousands of BitPay Wallet app customers are using their BitPay Card and are expecting new places and payment ways to be offered by the company. 

Today, when the payments industry is seeing the rapid growth of crypto money and is undergoing changes, you should make adjustments to the new experiences so as not to stagnate. That’s where payment-services innovators like Bankful come into play. 

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To wrap things up, BitPay, a provider of blockchain payment technologies, has enabled its MasterCard users to add their cards to Apple Pay. This integration paves a path towards the expansion of digital currencies as a payment type. 

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