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Attracting More Customers To My E-Commerce Website

It’s never a bad idea to keep your current customers happy and engaged. However, if you want to continue to grow and scale your business, you need to set your sights on attracting new customers on a regular basis. 

In this age of rigid competition, especially now in the digital realm, e-Commerce business owners must do all they can to attract not only new customers but the right customers that will keep coming back for more.

If you are looking for strategies to attract more customers to your e-Commerce store, you are in the right place. 

How To Drive E-Commerce Traffic And More Customers, To Your Online Store

1. Create Buyer Personas

Before you can draw in new customers, you need to be clear as to who your target market is. By developing a buyer persona, you will gather incredible value and insight to better tailor your content and your marketing strategies. You will also be able to determine more clearly your customers’ needs. Whatever pain points they may currently have, you will be better equipped to solve them.

When it comes to developing a buyer persona, take into consideration the following: Needs, pain points, demographics, and goals. All of this information can be gathered by conducting market research conducting online surveys, interviews, and even conversations. Demographic information can be obtained by using Google Analytics.

2. Where Do Your Customers Hang Out?

Just with all the information you have gathered in developing your buyer persona, you should confidently identify which social media platforms they are most likely to be found and use. You can also take part in “social listening” to further determine where your target audience could be spending most of their time. You can also find out what keywords and hashtags your audience uses when it comes to searching for your products or services. Once you have found where your target audience hangs out, create a specific marketing campaign that best suits that particular platform.

3. Inbound Content Marketing 

Another effective method to target potential customers and draw them into your website is by using an inbound content marketing strategy. An effective strategy uses specific keywords that have a relatively high search volume every month. These keywords will help you appear on the first page of a search result. This will also bolster “clickthrough rates” and create website traffic. 

Although many in the marketing space believe this strategy may be archaic, it continues to be an effective strategy, and that is a blog. In your blog, you have the opportunity to address all of your customers’ concerns, needs, pain points, and even goals. In order for your content marketing to be successful, you will need to invest in a robust keyword tool. SEMrush is a popular keyword search tool that can offer you monthly search volumes for all countries worldwide. They can even offer keyword suggestions as well. 

4. Host A Giveaway

A very powerful way of getting the attention of potential customers is to host a giveaway or a contest via social media. Competitions are also a great way to increase online engagement. It is also a great strategy to grow your e-mail list. By asking for their e-mail address, you are entering them for a chance to win an enticing reward. 

Once the competition is over, you can use their e-mail to offer a substantial discount, free shipping, or another valuable incentive when they purchase for the first time in your business. 

5. Encourage Reviews

For your e-Commerce business to see an increase in sales, you must build a positive reputation. Your products and services must also have a solid reputation with equally robust, satisfied customers. When customers decide to buy a product, they rely on the experience of others to help inform their final decision. 

Always encourage your customers, who are satisfied with your products, to give a thoughtful review or rate your product. By building a reputation of satisfied customers, you will see a dramatic increase in sales. 

Get More Traffic, Get More Sales

As featured in this article, in order to see your e-Commerce business grow, you must employ a host of marketing strategies to get potential customers to visit your website. This can include one or a combination of tactics, including giveaways, content marketing, and social media engagement. 

Once you have succeeded in increasing traffic to your e-Commerce store, then you can direct your focus to optimize your store by ensuring that your customers have the most seamless and enjoyable shopping and purchasing experience.

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