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7 Ways to Reduce Contact Centre Costs

Contact center agents deal with many daily issues, which can lower customer service quality, add to the operational costs and reduce the overall efficiency of the contact center. Thankfully, there are certain steps you can take to avoid higher contact center costs and lower customer service quality. This article will help you with these steps and Wix Payments. 

Steps to Reduce Contact Centre Costs

Higher costs mean lost revenue and deteriorated customer experience. What can you do to cut your contact center costs? 

1. Higher payment gateway functionality enables you to enjoy the least-cost routing for online and contact center transactions. Thus, you can save money on each transaction.

2. Thanks to a dynamic merchant acquirer solution serving as a lower-cost option, you can enjoy faster and more cost-effective payments. This will result in improved cash flow.

3. Excellent fraud prevention is a major factor allowing you to avoid losing money. So, you should be PCI DSS compliant and adhere to the Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and the latest Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulations.

4. A technology platform featuring a developer-friendly API enabling user acceptance testing (UAT) and test environments can help you enjoy smoother, cost-effective integration and implementation.

5. Skills Based Routing is another essential factor to focus on. It’s associated with the initial automated system routing the customer to the agent with the right skill who can resolve the issue. As a result, first-call resolution and customer satisfaction can be improved. 

6. Real-time metrics are no less important. It tells you how many callers are in the queue, other agents’ status, longest ad average waiting time, and average abandonment time, thus helping you boost productivity.

7. Though recruiting, training and coaching are associated with cost recurring, however, it’ll eventually be beneficial for your contact center.  The point is that training and coaching boost the level of agents’ professionalism, thus increasing productivity. 

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Cutting Contact Centre Costs

With proper steps such as exceptional fraud prevention techniques, you can reduce your contact center costs and boost efficiency.

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